Thursday, June 10, 2010

Luau Cake

luaucake1, originally uploaded by lorilei78.

The Luau Cake was my first attempt at using marshmallow fondant. I found it much easier to work with than gum paste, the only problem being that it took much longer to harden. I was supposed to get some hardening agent (tylo powder or something like that) but did time. I ran into more problems in the creation of this cake than I ever have before.....marshmallow fondant needs time to harden, or very cold conditions, and our AC broke during the 2 days I was assembling it. Bubbles formed under the fondant as it started to melt! We replaced the stuff in the freezer with the cake and I was able to poke a tiny hole in the bubble and smooth it out. This cake was definitely a learning experience.

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