Thursday, June 10, 2010

Luau doodads

tikispalmsandals, originally uploaded by lorilei78.

I had so much fun making these little guys. Like I said, I found MMF so much easier to work with. I think, given enough time, I could make just about anything out of MMF.....and a bonus is that it tastes really good, just like candy.
Here is the recipe for MMF:

16 oz. bag of marshmallows
1 T water
6-7 c. powdered sugar
Marshmallows in microwave-safe bowl, add water, microwave for 2 mins. Stir with greased spoon until smooth, and add any dyes/flavors, stir again and start adding powdered sugar. When it starts to resemble thick pudding, grease up your hands and mix in the sugar by hand. after about 10 minutes of working the sugar in by hand, in the bowl, turn it out onto your powdered sugar-covered counter. Keep adding sugar until it is no longer sticky.

I added cocoa powder, just a tablespoon or so, to the marshmallows before I added the sugar, for the tikis. Now they taste like little marshmallow chocolate candy bars. Yay!

I have never tasted regular fondant, but I hear it tastes like poopy. I can attest that gum paste tastes similar, so for me the only way to go is to use MMF. It breaks my heart to think about putting all that work into a cake for it to taste bad!

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