Saturday, May 29, 2010

Coraline cake

Coraline cake, originally uploaded by lorilei78.

This Coraline cake was for R's 9th birthday. It is my version of the cake that Coraline's "other mother" makes for her in the movie. The brown frosting is regular chocolate fudge frosting, and the "drippy" frosting was a basic buttercream, with cream cheese and milk added. The milk makes it drippy, to achieve the effect needed for the sides. The cream cheese is actually a great contrast to the sweetness of the fudge. This cake was fantastic.
Coraline was my first effort with gum paste, and it went horribly awry from my original idea of what I wanted her to look like. I wanted her to look like she did in the movie, but it is nearly impossible to achieve that look with gum paste. Figures tend to appear cartoony, which is ok, once you realize that and stop trying to make it look accurate.

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